When registered as a coach you will recieve:

- information about coaching jobs relevant to you

- funding news and advice

- coaching specific information and articles

- details of local workshops or courses

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The primary purpose of Coachwest is for Wesport to support coaches to be BETTER at what they do and to be able to COACH MORE OFTEN.  We also support people to become coaches and therefore create MORE coaches.



If you are an organisation that provides training for coaches and/or employs or deploys coaches we can support your work via CoachWest.

  • Let us advertise your coaching opportunities to a large audience of keen coaches
  • Promote any training courses or workshops to a filtered group of coaches that are looking for this category of training
  • We can provide you with information about the current coaching workforce in different sports so that you can plan your sports programmes more effectively.

All of this is provided free of charge by Weport so that we can pass on the benefits to the West of England coaches.


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